Sunday, August 1, 2010

Marina Bay Sands

Yesterday,I went to Sunday school. That week,the service was at the Marina Bay Sands. It was very cold inside. The guard told us that my class, Mighty, was at level 4.

As we went up, it became even colder so I put on my jacket.

Before I went inside, a teacher stamped a smiley face (: on my arm. She also gave me a slip of paper. On it were 4 numbers. Mine was 0512. Those numbers were for a "Blessed" draw.

When I went inside it was not so cold, so I took off my jacket. Even though I did not win any prizes, I had a fun time inside.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thank you, Aunty Andrea!!

Thank you Aunty Andrea for giving me this iPod touch.
It is very fun. This is the first time I am doing a blog using it. I am very excited because I've never had my own iPod Touch before.

Monday, May 10, 2010

On turning 8

Hi everyone!

I have just turned 8 and I feel like I am growing up a little more. =) I can turn on the dining table light switch and I am also tall enough to just about touch Mummy's air con remote control! I can't wait to grow taller so that I can take Mummy's air con remote controller off the holder so I can help her turn the air con on.

I celebrated my birthday on Saturday in Rio Vista's function room. Mummy made a Spiderman Pinata and cake. Lao Gou baked the cake and mummy drew on it. Mummy took 3 days to make the Pinata- a lot of it was gluing and drying. I helped her to tear some of the paper for her to use. There were a lot of the people on my birthday and it was fun trying to break open the Pinata. Mummy also bought huge balloons that many people helped us to blow up. The children and I had a blast kicking and punching and playing with the BIG balloons. Thanks to everyone for the presents. I loved them!

I think that being in Primary 2 is even better than being in Primary 1 because it is harder to do some of the work and I enjoy having a challenge once in a while. Chinese is getting quite challenging now but I think I can make it in the exam. I am getting better at maths and I enjoy doing sums involving multiplication, subtraction and addition. Division is quite hard because you have to take the number behind and then use multiplication to make it into the number in front.

We have a new classmate and his name is William. He comes from China and he is 10 years old. He is currently sitting next to me and I am also sandwiched between him and Benedict. William plays with Anthony and Tristan, but sometimes Tristan doesn't allow Anthony to play with William. This is because Mrs. Teo has orders that we are to speak to William in English, and she has also told Anthony to keep away from him. Mrs Teo knows that Anthony is very playful and can sometimes hurt people because he is very strong. I think that Anthony doesn't know his own strength. William is quite tall. He is taller than Anthony but actually it's because he is older. He is very friendly and when the teacher tells us not to copy each other's work, he does not allow anybody to copy his. Since he is from China, his Chinese is really good although he is not so good in English. Mrs. Teo lets him read the big books that we've studied and lets him do the school work and homework that we did earlier this year. He is improving quite a bit but there are still some words he does not understand. I try to help him by speaking to him in simple English and speaking to him in good mandarin during Chinese lessons.

I hope that I can get an A minus or A plus or A star for all of my 3 subjects. I think that I need to study a bit harder and listen more to my teachers during class.

That's all the updates for now. Write again soon!

'Til the next blog,

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Me when I was in Kindergarten

Aunty Charmaine asked me a question for her cousin's project and I did my best. The video ended not at the end. This video was made TWO years ago. I was smaller then.

The actual end of the video is like this- Mummy asked "If you do the wrong things does God still love you?" I said YES and that it is not about what you do, but about what Christ did for you on the Cross.

Jesus rocks!

Friday, October 31, 2008

My concert

Yay! Next wednesday is my concert day! I'm going to graduate soon.

We had lots of practice. We are doing a slow dance. The costumes for the boys consists of a blue shirt and black pants. The girs costumes conists of two parts - a blue and white dress as well as a cape. We will also be carrying props. One of them is a silver circle with blue and silver strings dangling from it.

We took 9 days to learn the dance. We learn really fast. The teacher also changed some of the dance steps on the 6th day.

We also practiced taking the certificate and bowing. They taught the girls how to curtsey. They tried it by using dummy certificates. They had the word written on the box that they put it in. It was very funny for us because it's dummy certificates. Ha ha ha.

I am excited about the actual day. It is just 3 days to the concert day. No, night. The teachers passed a paper to parents that state please remember to feed your child before bringing him/her to dance.

After my concert we will have another week that is full of parties, but the last day of school will
be water play. During water play you can have fun with the water and play with it. That's why it is called water play. We throw water on each other using buckets and all other kinds of stuff.

I missed water play on children's day this year. During children's day we get to throw water on our teachers. I missed school because I celebrated it with my cousins.

I am excited about primary one because I will be learning new things like science experiments, maths, chinese, robotics and chess. I can't wait to go to primary one too!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

News Hmmm What About News???!!!

Rockets, probes, scientists, news reporters are all bring back news for us.

Now, news what about news???!!! That's the funny part.

They bring news so that we know what is happening around us - but are they really telling the truth all the time?

Did you know that the astronauts from China cheated us? You know why? Because they reported before they even reached there!!!

So what else have they lied about?

Hmmm... let me see. Oh yah! They lied about the Olympics opening ceremony fireworks which were shown on television. The fireworks were computer generated!!!

What about milk? I love drinking milk. Good thing I didn't drink milk from China. Some children and babies in China have fallen very ill because melamine was found in their milk. Melamine is something that people use to make hard plastic you know, like plates and cups and bowls. A lot of countries have banned anything with China milk in it because they are afraid their children will be affected too.

Many types of news today whether true or false we still don't know so much about it anyway right? Cause it's still not due yet!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha He He He He He

There are a lot of facts in the world but we are never sure if they are true or not- but there's still one thing that we can count on we can count on the Word - that is the bible you know?????

Jesus said that He is the Truth the Life and the Way. We live by faith and not by sight. AMEN?

See you soon!


Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Fun!!!

Yesterday I had lots of fun. We went to Suntec City in the evening to buy Lego play sets- Piraka Stronghold and Lego Airport. I like them a lot.

We spent more than 100$ over two receipts so Mummy and I got to go play in the Woofballs that were outside the Mall.

First, they asked me to put my body inside the transparent ball then they told me to put my hands in too! And then they inflated the ball with a big blower. After that they pushed the ball (with me inside) on to the water where it floated about. Mummy followed soon after in her ball.

I tried to stand but I kept falling down on to the surface of the ball, so I tried to kneel down and push the ball towards Mummy's ball, and I tried and I tried to push it there, but it still would not move.

Then a British boy came along in his ball and he ran inside the ball making so much waves that I couldn't go to Mummy's side. I think he looked like a hamster in the ball rolling along in the water.

When I rolled back and forth, I could also see the tentacle of a squid lying around at the bottom of the pool. The sounds I made in the ball echoed off the walls of the ball. It sounded like I was in a cave.

So I just slid down in the ball and waited for it to roll. Suddenly I heard something splash. Then, I noticed it was another British boy. They are the sons of the owner and wore Woofball T-shirts. He was pushing his brother's Woofball about.

Mummy and I made sign language at each other because we could not hear each other. Daddy was outside taking photos of us and waving at us too.

Soon it was time to be take out of the Woofballs - the owner pushed my ball onto the platform and took out the velcro and unzipped the ball so that the air gushed out of the ball. I went on to the platform and jumped down - it was a short way. It was Mummy's turn after mine and we took photos afterwards.

We said goodbye to them and they thanked us for trying and told us to come next time.

After that, we went to the Arts House for the launch of a photo exhibition. We had to walk a long way and we saw the flood lights for the F1 racing. They were fixing up the wires. We had to walk on the road for a bit because the pedestrian walkway was blocked by bushes and plants.

We finally arrived at the Arts house where we had drinks and food. I had my Breadtalk Nacho & Cheese too! The photos I saw were very nice. We also got to meet the photographer - Jingna Jie Jie. And then i got the chance to get her autograph. She looks very pretty and she is very tall. She is taller than Mummy and wore very high heels. We took a photo with her and the Bionicle stuff were in shot too. Ha ha ha.

When we left the Arts House, we saw an Elephant statue outside. Mummy told me that it was a gift from the King of Thailand, Chulalongkorn. Singapore was the very first place any Thai King had ever travelled out of the country to be at.

We went to City Hall MRT together then Daddy said he had to go back to the office. So we said bye bye to him. But when we were in the train, Daddy called to say that he didn't have to go back because Uncle Kah Hui said that they already troubleshoot successfully. Yay!

We waited for him at Braddell MRT station, near the 7-11 inside it. I hid behind the wall and then when Daddy came, he was looking out for me and I surprised him by popping out and saying BOO!

I set up my own mattress, comforter, pillow and bolster as Mummy timed me. At around 3 minutes, Mummy said "3 minutes already. Hurry!" I said to her that it doesn't matter how fast I do it, it matters that I do it properly and correctly. Daddy and her were very proud to hear me say that.

I had a cup of milk before I slept then Mummy and Daddy read to me "Sir Fartsalot Hunts the Booger" from the National Library. It sounds very funny and exciting.

So Friday was a very fun day. Today will be very fun too! See you next time!!!!